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gift tips, 2.0

Happy December, friends. Each holiday season, our team takes some time to compile a few tips that we hope will support you in shopping your values, as you search for all the gifts and all the goods. We don't want to just support you in shopping ethically with us, but everywhere that you go, because the truth is --- there is always a story and it is partly up to us what stories keep getting written.

#1 Think ahead and order early. Shopping from ethical brands and small businesses may not be as easy or convenient as Amazon or a quick run to Target. Order sooner, rather than later to make sure you can get it on time. -Holly

#2 Small things can be very meaningful; it’s more about the thought than the cost or size. -Bethany

#3 Brainstorm gift ideas before you go out and shop, so that way you are picking things out intentionally instead of just picking up the first thing that seems cute. -Claire

#4 Bring back homemade! Whether it’s granola in a mason jar, vanilla extract, cross-stitch, plaster ornaments, your best cookie recipe, *or* a million other ideas, homemade items are perfect when you’ve got lots of names to check off your list. -Ashley

#5 Buy experiences instead of things (memberships - to a zoo, theme park, or museum - classes in something they’ve always wanted to learn, concerts, or even an Airbnb gift card). -Lyra

#6 Shop ethical brands. A few of my faves right now are Ten Thousand Villages, Atonement Design, and made (of course!). -Kayla

#7 If you’re looking to buy an item, shop locally, and do your research. Make sure you can answer the question, where did this come from? -Lyra

#8 Use cash saved throughout the year to avoid more credit card debt. -Maura

#9 Go ahead and shop secondhand! My husband and I always find the bulk of our kids’ Christmas presents from local consignment shops - always keeping an eye out throughout the year for items that our children would love and are in great condition. -Lyra

#10 Check out the Christmas markets happening in your area; it is a great way to meet local makers and get to support your community. -Holly

#11 Let go of the urgent pressure to buy more, more, and more. I know this can be hard in our culture of constant consumption, but instead of just buying because it is a good deal, know who it is going to and know the story behind it. -Holly

You have a tip to share? We would love to know!

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