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Celebrate Garland
Celebrate Garland
Celebrate Garland

Celebrate Garland


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A little something to help you celebrate all the things in life that deserve a little something special. 

m a k e r + s t o r y

This one is made by the artisan partners of Nivas in Nepal. Nivas strives to empower talented women to achieve financial independence so they can sustain themselves, leave abusive situations, make decisions, and have their voices heard.

Nivas recognizes that when mothers work, their children are able to receive a quality education and stay in school. With a further dedication to the artisans’ growth, Nivas covers school fees for many of the children of artisans. The artisans can work on a flexible schedule, work from home when possible, take tea breaks together, and rotate tasks when seasons change, allowing them to build upon their skills. They also have the opportunity to bring their children to their workspace if needed. Artisans have access to household financial training, literary programs, health programs, and training programs to grow in their professional careers.

s p e c s

  • size: approximately 96" (8') length x 3.5" width x 3.5" height.
  • materials: wool fabric, wool filling, cotton thread, and AZO-free dyes.
  • care: spot clean only.