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Encantada Dip Bowl
Encantada Dip Bowl
Encantada Dip Bowl

Encantada Dip Bowl


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This one is perfect for all those little snacks.

t h e   s t o r y

These sweet bowls are made by the Artisans of Encantada, a small family-owned workshop in Guanajuato, Mexico. Since the 1970's, the workshop has been crafting authentic Mexican pottery that is hand-painted by artisans using traditional pottery techniques (more on that below). The workshop employs men and women from the rural surrounding area, offering fair wages, safe working conditions, and community investment opportunities.

The clay is mined from the mountains surrounding the city, following the traditions of the first potters who came to Guanajuanto. While the men work the kilns, the women  hand-paint the unfired ceramics. Each piece is a unique work of art - one that celebrates the beauty of the artistry in the region.

s p e c s

  • Size: approximately 3.25-inches in diameter.
  • Materials: clay, paint.
  • Comes with one bowl.
  • Lead-free, dishwasher and microwave safe.