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Fall Candle Workshop
Fall Candle Workshop
Fall Candle Workshop

Fall Candle Workshop


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We love candles. We burn them A LOT around here, which means we end up with an array of empty canisters, jars, and tins that we don't want to see go to waste. In walks Megan, the owner of Sun Theory Candles + our fall candle workshops!

Megan is a pro at making lovely candles in a thoughtful and intentional way. She loves to repurpose AND use what we've got lying around to make something useful again. She will be bringing two scents, both wintery, cozy, and warm.

We will be pouring candles on our workshop table in the back of our shop. We have 8 spots available for this workshop. All you need to bring is your vessel to pour your candle into; Megan will take care of the rest.

Alsoooo. We will have fair trade coffee, tea, + dessert, just to make this EVEN MORE WONDERFUL.

t h e   d e t a i l s

  • Date: Sunday, November 19th from 1:30-3pm.
  • Cost: $35 for instruction from Megan, all supplies for one 8-10oz. candle, dessert, coffee, and tea.
  • Bring: An 8-10oz container for your candle (you can repurpose an old candle, or it can be a jar, mug, planter, etc). Have fun and be creative. Of course, it can't be plastic and needs to be able to withstand heat. Oh, and make sure it is all clean - if it is an old candle, you're gonna want to get all that old wax out.
  • Your candle won’t be cool enough to take home by the end of the workshop but we will be open and available for pick-up the following week.