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Lunch Book Group Ticket
Lunch Book Group Ticket

Lunch Book Group Ticket


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As we aim to live in a way that is considerate of our fellow brothers and sisters around the world + good stewards of our planet, we know we need to consider how we build our closets. This book is one of our favorite resources to help on the journey towards more aligned living + to help us grow as humans who wear their values.

We also happen to think growth with others is the way to go. It is in community that we are challenged, encouraged, reminded, and strengthened — especially when on a journey that is not the norm. So, we invite you to join us this May + June for our first ever Lunch Book Club.

It’ll be simple. You order the book. Each week, we will read a section in the book and then, when we meet on Friday — we will discuss what we have learned and growing in. This Book Club isn't just about what you know, but about what you are doing with that information in your everyday.

Like Perry Noble says, "Deep is not what you know, it's what you do." Let's go a little deeper this spring - not just in what we know about sustainability, say about fair trade, or post about eco-friendly - but in how we do life.


  • Meeting day: Fridays from 12-1pm on Zoom.
  • Cost: All you need to buy is The Conscious Closet, by: Elizabeth Cline.
  • Register: Purchase a free ticket here + we will email you more details.
  • Group Facilitators: Holly Webb, Bethany Despinis, and Ashley Allen
  • Contact: E-mail Holly at with any questions.