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Pioneer Valley Candle
Pioneer Valley Candle
Pioneer Valley Candle
Pioneer Valley Candle
Pioneer Valley Candle

Pioneer Valley Candle

Massachusets, USA

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Inspired by the beauty of the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts, this candle captures a piece of where the makers live.

m a k e r + s t o r y

Candle-making is part art, part science. And for Prosperity Candle, it’s also about creating opportunity.

Behind every candle we pour is a story about a brighter future. Whether your candle-maker is a woman fleeing persecution, a war widow, or a mother escaping poverty, her strength and resilience has led her to Prosperity Candle. She is rebuilding her life one candle at a time.

Your candle includes the name of the woman who made it for you, either on the label or a story card. She would love to hear from you! Simply click here to get in touch with the artisan who made your candle.

s c e n t s

Tobacco Barn: The scent is a sophisticated blend of rich tobacco leaves and aged cedar with notes of amber and leather, and a touch of musk, spice and pimento berry essential oils.

Apiary: This candle is a tribute to the beekeepers of the Pioneer Valley who are keeping bee culture alive and well so that our fruits, vegetables and flowers continue to thrive. Prosperity Candle blends bee, soy and touch of coconut waxes with earthy and refreshing herbal scents - on top of the natural note of honey - to create a gorgeous fragrance for our newest Pioneer Valley Candle.  

s p e c s

  • Size: 2.75" W x 3.7" H
  • Burn time: about 35 hours 
  • Container: glass, easily recycled
  • Wax and Wick: wood wick, made with FSC Certified sustainable U.S. wood infused with a 100% natural blend of food-grade linseed and fruit oils.