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Recycled Glass Conical Bud Vase


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Made from recycled glass, this one is ready for all the plants you're propagating ;)

t h e   s t o r y

Sobremesa's handmade products are crafted by skilled artisans around the world. Each product is designed to empower the artisans, strengthen their community, and sustain the environment.

The story of each product is unique, like --- the Cuchareros’ (spoonmakers) artisan community in Guatemala who utilize their woodcarving talents to make unique carving utensils without machines or power tools, or Eladio and his three brothers who have been working for 25 years to preserve a weaving method passed down through generations by creating handmade towels, napkins, and table linens.

The name Sobremesa is inspired by the Spaniards’ tradition of lingering around the table to savor the conversation and company of others after a meal.

s p e c s

  • Size: 2.75"D x 4.25"H.
  • Ethically made in Guatemala.
  • Material: recycled glass.
  • Care: dishwasher safe.