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Striped Hand Towel
Striped Hand Towel

Striped Hand Towel


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The tight weave of this fair trade hand towel makes it absorbent, soft, and remarkably lightweight. The design and natural fringe makes a daily household item a work of art while hung to dry in between use.

m a k e r + s t o r y

This towel is made by a group of women in Guatemala, led by Julia (the lovely woman you can see on the loom in the pictures) with the artisan group, Fair + Simple.

The heart and soul of Fair + Simple is targeted job creation for people in marginalized areas of need. And not just any job, but good jobs with fair living wages in safe work environments which respect and dignify the producer or artisan rather than exploit and compromiseThey believe that the people who make the products in their collections are the heartbeat of the company, not just a means to an end.

s p e c s

    • Size: Approximately 18" x 30”.
    • Material: locally sourced cotton
    • Care: Machine washable.