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Sustainable Wardrobe Audit Workshop

Sustainable Wardrobe Audit Workshop


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There is a lot of buzz around sustainability these days, which is awesome. We are all about it. This workshop gets a little practical and helps to resource you with what that may mean when it comes to your wardrobe.

In this workshop, local personal stylist, Katya Kravchenko, invites you to bring in items from your own wardrobe, and with her guidance, you'll learn to assess the sustainability of each piece. You'll learn how to identify sustainable materials, manufacturing practices, and ethical certifications. Then, you can decide whether to keep, alter, donate, or recycle each item.

To make it even better, you'll get 15% off your purchase at made all day and we will have iced coffee and teas and some delicious baked good to share and savor together.

t h e   d e t a i l s

  • Date: Sunday, August 4th from 2-3:30pm.
  • Cost: $40 for Kate's experience and wisdom and refreshments.
  • A portion of every ticket will go to supporting the start of our sewing program in Haiti, in partnership with Wings of Refuge, Inc.
  • Find out more about Katya, here.