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The Winter Book Club
The Winter Book Club
The Winter Book Club
The Winter Book Club

The Winter Book Club


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As we desire to live in a way that is considerate of our fellow sisters and brothers around the world and be good stewards of our planet, Worn invites us to go a little deeper into understanding "how the clothing industry has become one of the planet’s worst polluters and how it relies on chronically underpaid and exploited laborers" and this book club will invite us to do differently. Come cozy up at the shop this winter and explore Sofi Thanhauser's masterpiece.

In this panoramic social history, Sofi Thanhauser brilliantly tells five stories—Linen, Cotton, Silk, Synthetics, Wool—about the clothes we wear and where they come from, illuminating our world in unexpected ways. She takes us from the opulent court of Louis XIV to the labor camps in modern-day Chinese-occupied Xinjiang.

Drawn from years of intensive research and reporting from around the world, and brimming with fascinating stories,
Worn reveals to us that our clothing comes not just from the countries listed on the tags or ready-made from our factories. It comes, as well, from deep in our histories.

We happen to think growth with others is the way to go. It is in community that we are challenged, encouraged, reminded, and strengthened — especially when on that journey that is not the norm. So, we invite you to join us this winter for our Book Club, reading one that may stretch us some - Worn, by Sofi Thanhauser.

It’ll be simple. You reserve your spot in Book Club and order the book. Each week, we will read a section in the book and then, when we meet — we will discuss what we have learned and are growing in. This Book Club isn't just about what you know, but about what you are doing with that information in your everyday.

Like Perry Noble says, "Deep is not what you know, it's what you do." Let's go a little deeper this fall - not just in what we know about sustainability, say about fair trade, or post about eco-friendly - but in how we do life.


  • Meeting day options: We have two; you choose one :) Wednesdays, 12-1pm in the shop and Sundays, from 3-4pm in the shop and on Zoom.
  • Begins: We will begin the first week of February (for the Wednesday club: February 7th and for the Saturday club: February 4th).
  • End: The clubs will run for 7 weeks (ending the week of March 17th).
  • Cost: All you need to buy is Worn: A People's History of Clothing, by: Sofi Thanhauser. If you want to buy if from us, here it is.
  • Register: Reserve your spot here by purchasing a free ticket here + we will email you more details.
  • Group Facilitators: Holly Webb, founder of made.
  • Contact: E-mail Holly at with any questions.