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a few of my favorite resources

Wherever you're at in your journey towards living more consciously, connected, and in alignment with your values, we want to support you. Here are a few resources we love. Of course, there are TONSSSSSS more out there, but I wanted to create a list a little less overwhelming with resources that I have personally found helpful to my journey of changing how I connect to the world through my purchasing.

One encouragement + challenge -- Don't just read or listen or watch. Go in willing to change a habit or a way you do something because of what you learn. Also, don't let a fear of not being able to change everything right away keep you from making small and sustainable steps toward more alignment with values.

Step by step, friends. There is plenty of grace, but let's not stay where we are. Enjoy + be sure to comment with resources you have found helpful in your own journey.

Holly + all of made.


The Conscious Closet, by Elizabeth Cline
How to Break Up With Fast Fashion, by Lauren Bravo
The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, by John Mark Comer
Wardrobe Crisis, by Clare Press
Wear No Evil, by Greta Eagan
Loved Clothes Last, by Orsola de Castro
The Story of Stuff, by Annie Leonard
Overdressed, by Elizabeth Cline

Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press

The True Cost
The Story of Stuff

ORGANIZATIONS to follow, support, and learn from.
Fashion Revolution
Clean Clothes Campaign

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