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gift tips, 2.0

Each holiday season, our team takes some time to compile a few tips that we hope will support you in shopping your values, as you search for all the gifts and all the goods.

why does "ethically made" matter to me.

Simplified, because people matter — more than anything. I want my decisions to make life better for others, those I rub shoulders with here in Will...

our shop update.

In case you have been wondering what is going on with our first-ever brick and mortar shop at Midtown Row — yessssssss, it is still happening. In fact, if you have driven by Midtown Row recently, you’ve probably noticed the coming soon signage. We are getting excited!

49 next steps after Walk for Freedom

This doesn't have to end after you walk. In fact, our hope is that we will be those who used our freedom to make a way for others to know freedom, not one day a year — but in many ways — some, the deep and slow life-change ways and others, perhaps simpler and specific to the season we are in, but no-less full of heart.

human trafficking: 5 things you want to know

Every October, we gear up for Walk for Freedom (this year, on October 15th!) and as we do, we look for ways to grow our awareness in this important...

I have a shirt idea.

It seems like summer is the season of t-shirts. You probably would be surprised at how often I hear from someone that they have a t-shirt design id...

coming summer 2022.

From the beginning, my dream has been to open a brick + mortar shop. I know many businesses are moving away from this model, but as I desire made t...

a few of my favorite resources

Here are a few resources we love. Of course, there are TONSSSSSS more out there, but I wanted to create a list a little less overwhelming with resources that I have personally found helpful to my journey of changing how I connect to the world through my purchasing.

let's begin here.

let's begin here.
Every April, we join Fashion Revolution Week in raising awareness about the many injustices people face everyday within the fashion industry. The ...

welcome to January.

January is a different kind of month for us. We call it our sabbath month, as we take it a little slower, making space to recharge after the full holiday season and think creatively about the days to come.

our favorite kind of gift-giving.

our favorite kind of gift-giving.
As we are heading into the holiday season and I know many of us are writing our lists, I figured I would share a few brands, local shops, and companies that I have come to know and love (and, no, I wasn't paid to say so).

Human Trafficking + Fair Trade

Human Trafficking + Fair Trade
By choosing to buy from brands who put people first, which means providing for the whole human, you are decreasing the risk that someone was trafficked to make it available to you or that someone would be trafficked because of the desperate place they are in. For many today, fair trading means freedom.