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Williamsburg, let's swap clothes.

In case you didn't know, swapping is revolutionary in the face of fast fashion and much of the clothing readily accessible today, which relies on clothing being treated as disposable. Swapping is all about giving more life to clothes and honoring clothes as something dearly made, because even if fair wages were not initially paid, human life was involved in the making. Making clothes is not cheap for the people involved.

our ONE YEAR anniversary

WHAT A YEAR. As we come up on our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY as a brick + mortar shop, you better believe it — we are going to celebrate! Whatever your part in making this happen, first — thank you. Every time you come by for a cup of tea, to shop, or even share about us with a friend, it is felt. It is an absolute honor to get to champion and support so many beautiful stories all around the world with you.

welcome to January.

As we seek to be a slow fashion brand, this means there are times we close, stop, don’t have new stuff, post less, and just need to be. I want our way of doing business to be sustainable and healthy for all involved.

my favorite fair trade stocking stuffers

Here are a few of Kayla's favorite stocking stuffers or little gifts that we are carrying at the shop this season: To begin: the stocking. We have...

our giving Tuesday plan

In case you aren't familiar, Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to celebrating and offering a little more support to non-profit organizations all around the world. This year, we are so honored to be coming alongside Echo Family Partners as they serve families in our city and on the peninsula in a whole host of beautiful ways.

sooooo, what now?

Sooooo, we are honored to offer a few ways we can learn, give, and grow together, this fall, as we lean into our role as advocates for freedom in our city and around the world. We invite you to join us in this. Choose one, jump in to all 5 ways, invite a friend to learn with, or maybe do this as a family, business, church, or community. Just let us know however we can support you.

our focus this fall.

After a lot of thought, prayer, and counsel — we’ve decided to not host Walk for Freedom this year. It was an awesome 6 years of partnering with A21 in this way. It opened up the door to some amazing relationships with local organizations who are doing the work right here — which has always been the goal. Of course, this is bittersweet — but it is far from the end of our engagement in this work.

"yes, you can become a foster parent."

For the next few weeks, when you purchase from us, you might notice a special stamp on your bag or package. This is because we are partnering with ...

our 6th birthday

As we look ahead to celebrating our 6th birthday as a business, we have 6 fun things happening this week:1, our made hats, tees, and totes are 20% ...

the power of a good job

I remember hearing from a non-profit director in Haiti about how they shifted towards becoming a social enterprise — a mama showed up to their buil...

this May + June.

According to our friends over at The Archibald Project, upwards of 80% of the children living in children’s homes or orphanages have a living parent. While there are absolutely real and valid reasons that a child needs to be removed from their home, poverty shouldn’t be one of them. Fair employment disrupts the narrative for many families, where a children’s home seemed to be the only option. We exist to disrupt poor employment that leaves moms and dads unsupported and unable to raise their children.

why this fashion revolution is all of us

Many of us may feel like "fashion" doesn't quite apply to us. We may even feel like imposters in the world of fashion or free from needing to invol...