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our values

This is about people. We are all beautifully connected to each other. We are all about honoring that connectedness by inviting people to know the stories behind what they buy.

We believe we have a responsibility as humans to care about how our fellow brothers and sisters are treated. This includes everything from fair wages, benefits, and working conditions to how goods are made, and traditions within the culture celebrated and honored. We look to partner with artisans and groups of artisans where the work is about more than a job.

Every item we sell has been made by skilled artisans with care and utmost attention to quality. Wherever possible, we look for ways to purchase goods using local and sustainable materials that are kind to the world we live in. We also love to share in the rich traditions of cultures all around the world, not stealing styles or designs, but honoring and celebrating the story behind the piece.

These are not charity buys or a matter of philanthropy. While we desire to be those who are generous, honoring, and quick to celebrate others, for us, this is about doing business in a way that is good for all people, because we are all connected — and, the story matters.