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Now, that our shop is open (!), we have a few different kinds of events, whether at our shop or around town. Ultimately, whether through a workshop, market, or book club, we absolutely love connecting with you --- getting to know a little of your story and coming alongside you as you choose to shop in a way that puts people and the planet first.


Through our Workshops, you get to connect with our local maker friends who are doing some really cool stuff. As the experts, they get to lead us in their craft for a morning, afternoon, or evening at our shop. 


We have a few of opportunities to shop and connect with the stories all around the Williamsburg, Richmond, and Hampton Roads area. This is how we get to meet new friends while sharing the heart and message of fair trade.

book club

Each season, we host a book club, featuring a different one of our favorite reads that looks into a different aspect of this conversation. Each week, we will read a section in the book and then, when we meet — we will discuss what we have learned and are growing in. This Book Club isn't just about what you know, but about what you are doing with that information in your everyday.