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Choosing vintage and gently-loved clothing is a wonderful option when it comes to curating an ethical closet. It keeps clothing local. It keeps clothing out of landfills and developing countries that are hurt by our constant influx of fast fashion. And, it values those who gave much to make the clothing (whether or not it was made ethically in the first place).

When we are selecting pieces for you, we look at a few things: quality, place of origin, and style.

One, we look for quality, which for us, means we care a lot about the materials that go into making a piece of clothing. We love real fabrics that are made naturally. They are generally kinder to the environment before and after they’re worn. Think cotton, linen, name a few. We try to stay away from synthetics and pieces that have blended more than two materials together; they generally don’t hold up as well or last as long.

Two, we look at the place of origin, which means we always look to see where the piece was made. This matters when it comes to vintage clothing, but also because we care and want to be informed buyers. In case you didn’t know, vintage means it was made 20 years ago. Back in the nineties, most clothing in the United States was made in the USA, so generally most vintage is going to be made in the USA.

Three, when it comes to style, we look for fresh ways to share classic and timeless pieces that always have a beloved place in an ethical closet.

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