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welcome to Fashion Revolution Week

On April 24th, 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. 1,138 people died and another 2,500 were injured. There were five garment factories in Rana Plaza all manufacturing clothing for big global brands. Although cracks had been detected earlier and reported, nothing was done and people had to work, though unprotected and with little pay. The victims were mostly young women. This, my friends, is when Fashion Revolution was born.

And, here we are at the start of Fashion Revolution Week, a week each year where we join with people around the globe in raising awareness and advocating for those whose voice is not heard over the loud gong of profit. This week has usually become a time where we have hosted events and been in the middle of lots of advocating and raising awareness. Of course, this year is different in many ways.

But, this week is important and we can do something.

Here are 5 ways you can join us for Fashion Revolution Week:

#1 Send an e-mail to a brand. What we want is for brands to be responsible for how those working to make their products are being treated and paid. If we are going to bring work into another country, we absolutely believe those working should be compensated fairly. Your voice matters in this.

Do you have a brand you love that you would like to see be more transparent about how they are paying their makers? Let them know! Fashion Revolution has created a template for you and has made it as simple as possible for us to be a part of challenging the brands we love to step it up.

When you do send your letter this week, screenshot it to us + we will give you a code for 30% off one thing!

#2 Ask “who made my clothes?” There are brands I will not buy from at all. In fact, lots. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them do business differently or care for their makers. Each year, I take some time to write letters and post a few pictures with their clothing and ask them “who made my clothes?” Asking who made this acknowledges that someone is connected to this. Pick an article of clothing from your closet and make a sign that says “who made my clothes?” (( or you can print the one from Fashion Revolution )) and post it tagging the brand in your question.

And, heyyyy! When you do this, screenshot it to us + we will give you a code for 30% off one thing! Yeppppp. That means you could get TWO things at made for 30% off.

#3 Buy from an ethical brand who is doing it right. We vote for the kind of world we want with our money. Here are six brands we love and totally recommend (( of course, you can check out more in our story on Instagram called “Ethical Brands + Blogs” )).

#4 Learn more. Fashion Revolution has phenomenal free resources that can help you to understand more about why this matters and is so important. Check out their blog and here are a few books we recommend if you are looking to read and understand more about the underlying topics of ethical fashion and the need for a fashion revolution:

#5 Host a “Stay at Home” Film Screening. Take one night this week and rent the film The True Cost. After you watch it, take a few minutes to discuss one thing you are going to do differently (( you will want to say ten things, but trust us — start with one )).

Sooo, you are invited to Fashion Revolution Week with us! Pick one or go for it and take one on each day. Tag us in your journey and be sure to share tips, your ideas, and ways you are making a difference. We are in this together.

The story matters.

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