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Williamsburg, let's swap clothes.

Fashion Revolution Week is a week given to remembering the lives lost during the Rana Plaza collapse of 2013 and so many other devastating losses within the fashion industry. It is a week of advocating, using our voices to stand with millions around the world asking for justice, and a week of celebrating the good stories being written all around the world by social enterprises and businesses who are doing business in a way that honors all the people involved.

This year, Fashion Revolution Week is happening from April 15th through the 24th and you better believe it — we are swapping.

In case you didn't know, swapping is revolutionary in the face of fast fashion and much of the clothing readily accessible today, which relies on clothing being treated as disposable. Swapping is all about giving more life to clothes and honoring clothes as something dearly made, because even if fair wages were not initially paid, human life was involved in the making. Making clothes is not cheap for the people involved.

So, let’s swap. Let’s be intentional about how we pass on clothes and add pieces to our wardrobes, looking for the full story, not just the part that began when we showed up.

To find all the details for our SPRING CLOTHES SWAP and to buy a ticketgo right here.

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