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"yes, you can become a foster parent."

For the next few weeks, when you purchase from us, you might notice a special stamp on your bag or package. This is because we are partnering with UMFS to support the needed conversation around foster care and family preservation within our community, state, and nation. While so much of what we put our hands to here at made is to make it possible for families to stay together in other parts of the world, we also want to be a source of support for families right here in Williamsburg.

The stamp says, “yes, you can become a foster parent.”

Foster parents are those who step in, with an open heart to embrace a child or teenager into their home for a season with the goal of reunification, whenever it is in the best interest of the child. As a foster parent, you have the honor of meeting a child and their family during a hard season and wrapping around them in a special way. In case you didn’t know, there is a need for foster parents. In our city of Williamsburg, there is a real need for families and individuals willing to open their hearts and homes to teenagers. It may be for a weekend as a respite care provider or longer as a more permanent placement while the agency navigates what reunification looks like for the child. If you are indeed interested in finding out more about how to become a foster parent, we want to connect you to two agencies, working right here in Williamsburg and our state:

WJCC Foster Care
This is our city's foster care system, that is always looking for families and individuals willing to provide loving care for specifically, teenagers in our area. Respite
Contact: Cathy Bingman.

A child and family serving nonprofit dedicated to building stronger communities throughout Virginia. They are a private agency that can certify foster parents and provide wonderful support all along the way.

Now, while we  may not all be able to be foster parents, there are absolutely ways that all of us can support family preservation (keeping families together) and children in our city and around the world. Here are two of our expert friends in the world of family preservation that we invite you to meet, follow, and talk to about how you can get involved:

We Are The Echo
Wrap around families in our city and help prevent kids from entering into foster care through providing diapers, a meal, driving services, and more.

The Archibald Project
A phenomenal resource that we love and recommend if you are wanting to learn more about how to care for families and children in dignified ways, in our country and beyond.

Whatever your role and the part you are called to play --- your story matters.

Cheering you on.

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