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mending workshop

We all know the feeling. We go to put on a favorite top and just as we're about to walk out the house, we take one last look, and ALAS! A hole. A seam has come lose. We moan because not only are we bummed about our beloved top BUT now, we have to pick something else to wear.

This workshop is for that basket of unwearables - the pieces that just require a simple mend but after a busy week, it always feels like too much. If you are like us, you are committed to keeping, wearing, and never throwing away, but you just can't seem to get it done. Whether those little mends feel beyond your ability or just overwhelming, Sarah, our resident mender has got you covered. Sarah has been mending pieces for worn over the last year and has offered to support and share her skills with those looking to mend what they have in their closet.

Sooo, this is your chance to bring a few of the pieces you would like to wear again and Sarah will provide instruction on a few simple mends and the supplies for you to do it yourself. We will be mending in Studio South's Barre Room, where there is lots of room to space out and we only have 8 spots available for this workshop. Alsooooo, there will be fair trade iced coffee and black bean brownies -- just to make the mending a little sweeter.
The 3 mends we will be addressing:
  • Sewing on a replacement or new button.
  • Sewing a garment with a hole at a seam.
  • Adding a hem.
t h e   d e t a i l s
  • Date: Saturday, April 17th from 1-2:30pm.
  • Cost: $10 for support + instruction from Sarah, supplies for the small stuff, dessert + iced coffee.
  • Tickets: Reserve your ticket here.
  • Bring: the pieces in your closet that need any of the mends mentioned above. 
  • Masks are required.