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a much needed conversation

When I started made, I knew that I didn’t want it to be only a fair trade shop. Not that a fair trade shop isn’t amazing — I am all about it and yes, we do sell goods and I think always will, because we absolutely love sharing the goods and stories of makers all around the world and connecting people to the makers. We believe mindful purchases from artisans, social enterprises, and businesses who pay fairly and care more for people than profit can make a beautiful difference. By the way, caring for people more than profit doesn’t mean you don’t care about profit! It just means that profit is not pursued at the expense of people.

However, another dream inside of this is that we would be used in serving people along their journey towards more ethical ways of doing every aspect of shopping. In other words, I don’t want to have only encouraged people to care about the makers, the stories, and how people were cared for when they are shopping with us, but no matter where they go.

We want to support people in this conversation that is so needed in our country at this time. A conversation that values those we may never have the privilege of meeting, but are influencing none the less. You see, here in the United States, our purchasing makes a difference in places we may never step foot in. How we buy can determine whether a mom in Haiti can raise her children or if she needs to turn them over to a Children’s Home. How we shop can shape whether garment factory workers are paid fairly in Bangladesh or if they have to continue to work seven days a week for a minimum wage of $2.50 per day.

Through just being mindful about where we shop, we can make a difference, and like Jane Goodall said — we have to decide what kind of difference we want to make.

Soooo, welcome to our first blog. I know I am a little late to the party. But, we are ready and excited for this! We will be talking about everything from fast fashion and why shopping ethically made matters for all of us to how we can shop ethically on a tight budget.

Everyone is welcomed here. No matter whether you have been shopping fair trade since before it was “trendy” or if you are skeptical or even frustrated that another person is saying that something you’ve always done is harming others. Wherever you’re at, we hope this helps to answer questions and supports you on your journey in becoming a more connected, aware, and ethical human.

The story matters.

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