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coming summer 2022.

From the beginning, my dream has been to open a brick + mortar shop. I know many businesses are moving away from this model, but as I desire made to be a place where people can gather, grow, and of course, shop meaningfully, a space all our own has been the dream.

Welllllll, I have some big news.

After four and a half years, we are opening our own shop - right here in Williamsburg, Virginia. YESSSSSSS, we are pumped. It will be in Midtown Row (right on Monticello Ave.) and is set to open late summer, 2022.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to create a space that honors the stories, celebrates each person behind our goods, and invites you to make with us, learn with us, and shop with us. It is such an honor to come alongside you in your journey.

Stay tuned as we will be sharing lots of ways you can be a part of this big step with us. as always, thank you for being here and for all the ways you choose people over all the other things, because the stories really do matter, so much. 

holly + the whole made fam.

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