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our shop update.

In case you have been wondering what is going on with our first-ever brick and mortar shop at Midtown Row — yessssssss, it is still happening. In fact, if you have driven by Midtown Row recently, you’ve probably noticed the coming soon signage. We are getting excited!

Like everything in the construction world this last year, things have been a little backed up and behind schedule, but the build out has started and the whole team at Midtown Row is doing such an incredible job working to make this happen. As we have more dates, we will definitely be sharing them with you, our dear community. Our guess from now: expect a spring 2023 opening ;)

Of course, opening a shop is scary — not to mention in a time like the present, but I am trusting the timing of opened doors and all the grace, wisdom, and prayer that went before this decision. I really believe that something beautiful happens when people slow down and consider the story what they buy. We can be a part of so much good in the world simply by being more intentional about how we shop.

Thank you for being patient with us. We absolutely cannot wait to have a space to invite you into — to support fair employment all around the world, to be a part of beautiful stories of freedom, to enjoy a cup of coffee, and to grow with us. It is going to be the highlight of 2023 and we are so grateful you are here.

Lastly, thank you for standing with us, shopping slow, and choosing people — over all the other things. It’s worth it.


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