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the power of a good job

I remember hearing from a non-profit director in Haiti about how they shifted towards becoming a social enterprise — a mama showed up to their building with her newborn baby and begged the non-profit to take the baby, but instead of assuming this was best, the non-profit chose to see beneath the cry for help.

What could be made available that would allow for this precious mom to raise her beautiful child? 

Of course, it’s not always as simple as providing a good job — but for many, it really is. The non-profit went on to ask if the woman would like a job where childcare would be provided, fair wages would be paid, and lunch was a given. This way, the mom could raise her baby, with enough provision. With tears in her eyes, the mom said YES.

Stories like this are one of the reasons we do what we do at made. We partner with stories of hope, dignity, and better futures — for the makers and their children. Opportunities that change the narrative and allow for good stories to be lived. It’s not philanthropic to do what is honoring of people — it’s justice.

And, while yes — there are many brands making profit only possible by the exploitation of their fellow brothers and sisters, there are some really good stories being written by social enterprises and people-focused businesses all around the world.

Let's choose those. Again and again.

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