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why does "ethically made" matter to me.

Simplified, because people matter — more than anything. I want my decisions to make life better for others, those I rub shoulders with here in Williamsburg, and those I may never meet. Shopping ethically is not a luxury; it’s believing that people are worth fair wages no matter the cost.

One of the reasons I started made is because I want to be a part of creating a world where fair and safe employment is the norm — where a child doesn’t have to grow up in an orphanage because their mom can’t make enough at her full time job + where child labor really is something of the past (not just in this country).

I think sometimes we think fighting for justice requires huge grand gestures, and while it might sometimes, most days it can look like choosing to be intentional about where we spend our money. Because EVERYTHING has a story that started before we bought it, and we get to choose what stories get worn, represented, and told over and over.

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