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Avanti Coffee - Dark Roast
Avanti Coffee - Dark Roast
Avanti Coffee - Dark Roast
Avanti Coffee - Dark Roast

Avanti Coffee - Dark Roast


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A premium low-acidic bean boasting with deep vanilla and nutty undertones and a smooth finish. The big, bold flavor of this dark roast earned it the name Frize, which means owl in Haitian Creole. Owls are known for their large wingspan, smooth flight skills, and nocturnal habits. Whether you appreciate this roast for its night-owl enhancing ability or its bold, smooth flavor, we know it's about to become your new favorite dark roast!

Pro Tip: Frize makes a ridiculously good cold brew.

t h e   s t o r y

Coffee, along with sugar, was once the backbone of Haiti’s economy. Avanti Coffee Company believes it could be once again. Avanti Coffee was created not only to showcase Haiti’s premium coffee crop, but also to empower rural mountain villages to thrive through economic development and ethical business practices. 

At Avanti, direct trade means they not only know who our farmers are, but they take time to understand their needs, get to know their families, and even work alongside them in the field on occasion. Their beans are purchased directly from the farmers, ensuring they are paid appropriately and that dignity is protected.

s p e c s

  • size: 12 ounce bag.
  • dark roast (purchase medium roast here).
  • wholebean.
  • note: organic, low-acid beans, and directly traded.