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Chosen Card
Chosen Card

Chosen Card

Norfolk, Va

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Chosen is who you are.

t h e   s t o r y

Each card is made by Isabel Monel, the artist behind monellisa, her shop of all things created from the heart --- right in Norfolk, Virginia! As a kid, she always loved drawing, taking a blank sheet of paper, and making it her own. This love then grew and grew and GREW, to the point of her going to college getting her art degree and then spending 7 years fine tuning her craft at a Pottery Studio. She loves to still think of herself as the little girl with her blank sheet of paper ready and waiting to create something new, something inspired, something completely HER. Monellisa has grown into a company that focuses on stationary pieces; to include journals, prints, cards and more.

s p e c s

  • size: 4" x 6" folded.
  • materials: 14pt matte card stock paper + kraft envelope.
  • includes: 1 card + 1 envelope.
  • made in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • each card is blank inside, with lots of room for your kind words.